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    Start ModeShape Explorer web app

    Gorgi Terziev Newbie



      I am aware that similar question was posted, but the details of the resolution were not posted.


      I have successfully connected with a Modeshape repository via junit test. I basically used the code from Modeshape-examples\modeshape-spring-example:


      @ContextConfiguration(locations = { "classpath:applicationContext-modeshape.xml"} )

      public class ModeShapeRepositoryTest {



        private Session session;



          public void shouldRunApplication() throws Exception {


              System.out.println( session.getRepository() );

              System.out.println( session.getWorkspace().getName() );




      I'd like to be able to connect to the same repository via Modeshape jcr explorer web app to visualize the repository structure.

      1. I defined resource in META-INF/context.xml



        <Resource name="jcr/bbsrepo"



                repositoryName="Bluebeanstalk Repository"

                configFile="absolute_file_path_to_modeshape_config_file.json" />  




      2. I added in Modeshape Explorer's web.xml





          <description>BB Repository</description>







      But I keep getting error message:

        No repository 'jcr/bbsrepo' was found. or Name [jcr/bbsrepo] is not bound in this Context. Unable to find [jcr].


      I 'd be grateful if someone can provide help how to properly access Modeshape repository via JNDI using the web explorer app.





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          Oleg Kulikov Newbie

          Gorgi, you don't need to modify web-xml. You can just specify repository jndi name in login dialog.



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            Gorgi Terziev Newbie

            Thanks Oleg.


            Here are the steps the worked for me on Tomcat:

            1. Define JNDI resource in META-INF/context.xml 



              <Resource name="jcr/bbsrepo"




                      configFile="absolute_file_path_to_modeshape_config_file.json" /> 




              2. set the value of the jndiName parameter in  modeshape configuration file

            "jndiName" : "java:comp/env/jcr/bbsrepo",


              3.  Specify the full JNDI name in Web Explorer

            Repository name: java:comp/env/jcr/bbsrepo