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    Management via HTTP Reverse Proxy


      I have WildFly running on a remote machine which only exposes Ports 80 and 22. I'm using Apache HTTPD virtual hosts with Proxy rules to map myapps.example.com to WildFly port 8080 and admin.example.com to WildFly port 9990 (Web Admin console).


      The problem is, this does not work for the native management interface with HTTP Upgrade.


      $ ./jboss-cli.sh
      You are disconnected at the moment. Type 'connect' to connect to the server or 'help' for the list of supported commands.
      [disconnected /] connect admin.example.com:80
      Unsupported redirect received.: XNIO000816: Redirect encountered establishing connection
      [disconnected /]


      Any advice, other than using an SSH tunnel?


      Best regards,