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    hornetQ MessageCount

    Fred Schnittke Newbie



      I have an issue where I cannot get the correct message count from our hornetq server. I'm using several tools like Hermes, Rockeye, and a Nagios script called check_jmx.


      If I open one instance of Hermes and add two messages to a topic, I can see that there are 2 messages. If I look in Rockeye properties or run check_jmx, I get the correct MessageCount=2




      If I open another instance of Hermes and add one more message, the message count goes to 4 instead of three. Kinda like this:

      1st instance of Hermes shows 3 messages

      2nd instance of Hermes shows 1 message


      There are only three messages in the topic, yet two applications (Rockeye, check_jms), return a MessageCount of 4


      Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this.


      P.S. These are nonDurableSubscribers and nonDurableMessages