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    netty in wildfly - some questions

    Bharadwaj Narasimha Newbie

      I have packaged my Play2 application as WAR (using Play2War plugin) and am able to deploy/use on Wildfly. Now since Play2 uses Netty and Wildfly uses Undertow, Play2War does the conversion of requests landing on Play's APIs to go to servlet methods (from where Undertow does the job).


      With this as the context, I have some questions -


      1. I see Netty as a out-of-the-box module in Wildfly8-Final (modules/system/layers/base/io/netty). Why is it there? Can I somehow remove Undertow from my Wildfly (along with Play2War) so that all the HTTP requests go to Netty and nothing else? I would want to continue deploying the archive as a WAR, but not necessarily so...
      2. Play2War does not map websocket request/response from Play2 to the new JavaEE7 websocket-api. So by deploying my Play2 app on Wildfly I lose all websocket support. But if I could somehow make all websocket request/responses to go to Netty instead, and completely bypass the JavaEE7 websocket-api, then, I could make it work. So is it possible to enable Netty as handler for everything websocket on Wildfly? If so, how?


      Thank you.