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    integrationissue with quartz 2.1.3 and jboss 7 AS

    rajeev ranjan Newbie

      i am using quartz for execute my data collection jobs. my project jar gets bundled in a my applicaiton ear.

      i have also added quartz-all jar under my ear lib directory.


      How i am initializing quartz:

      1. using a @Startup bean i initiate the Quartz Standard scheduler. - this is working fine.

      2. My stateless bean creates a POJO object which contains the configuration or the data to be collected .

      in this bean  create the Quartz jobs as below:


      JobDetail job = JobBuilder.newJob(MyJOBClass.class).withIdentity(jk).build();


      Trigger trigger = TriggerBuilder.newTrigger().withSchedule(SimpleScheduleBuilder.simpleSchedule().withIntervalInMinutes(10).repeatForever()).build();


      Scheduler scheduler = new StdSchedulerFactory().getScheduler("MySchedulerName");


      All the above is working fine the problem happens when the execute() method of my job class is invoked. At this point Quartz trigger misfires complaining about the POJO object which i added in the JobDataMap.

      It throws Class not found: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException.

      When i modified the above by replacing the pojo object with a String object quartz is able to fire the trigger and execute the job.

      it looks like a class path dependency issue where quartz is not able to find my class, but i am not getting how to make quartz aware of my class. As i said using ant iam already placing the quartz all jar in my ear/lib folder.

      Can someone please help me in this