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    Errai and Jboss forge

    Anton Hughes Master



      I'm following the tutorial by Max about using the Errai Forge plugin (forge-errai/ECLIPSE.asciidoc at master · errai/forge-errai · GitHub).


      I have a question: should this produce any java classes? When I run this it creates the gwt.xml file, the errai properties file, but not any java files.


      This is when using forge from within eclipse.



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          Max Barkley Expert

          Hi Anton,


          The addon does not yet have any code-generation capabilities. It's purpose right now is to setup configuration files needed to use Errai (pom.xml, *.gwt.xml, web.xml, beans.xml, ErraiApp.properties, etc.).


          If you have any ideas for code-generation that you think would be useful, I encourage you to make a feature request on Jira.