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    Portlet Refresh

    uwew Newbie

      Using GateIn 3.6 i encounter the following behaviour of the portal:


      When developing a portlet in eclipse and deploy it to a GateIn server instance i am not able to see the changes that i have made to the application unless i destroy the session cookie. Explained in detail


      1. Accessing an index.xhtml (respectively its view) in a JSF Portlet via the browser

      2. Modifying the index.xhtml in eclipse and redeploy it to the server

      3. Accessing the index.xhtml: still the old version is displayed

      4. Destroy the JSESSIONID Cookie in the browser and access the index.xhtml again: now the changes previously made in eclipse are visible


      My question is: is this the default behaviour of GateIn? And can i force GateIn to display the changes made to the portlet immediately, ie. without destroying the session id?


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