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    Why asynchronous jobs are queued in jBPM 6 job executor?

    Rahul Magdum Novice


      I have a process definition where a parallel gateway has two branches. Each branch has a single asynchronous node. Each async node logs 1 to 100000 numbers in server.log file.

      Please see Process_Definition.png for this.


      When I run this process defintion, in process model, I can see that both async task are running parallel.

      Please see Process_Model.jpg file for this.


      But actually in jobs, I found only one job was running and second was queued. (After 1 min also, this queued job was not picked by job executor)

      Please see Queued_Job.jpg for this.


      1) Though my thread pool = 5, interval = 1s and retry = 3 was set, Why that job was queued for long time?