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    Maven2 can't create org.richfaces.cdk:maven-archetype-jsf-component archetype in Kepler


      When I try to create a project to work with jsf+ejb+jpa by choosing org.richfaces.cdk:maven-archetype-jsf-component archetype maven has failed to build the according directory structure and dependencies. It displayed the following error:

      Could not calculate build plan: Plugin org.richfaces.cdk:maven-cdk-plugin:3.3.4.Final or one of its dependencies could not be resolved. Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.richfaces.cdk:maven-cdk.plugin:jar:3.3.4.Final

      I'm using Kepler SP2 (on W7 SP1) for JEE development with Spring and Hibernate plugins. Can they be the source of problem or it's another issue. Could someone give some advice how to solve this one.

      And any suggestions for a better way to create JSF+EJB+JPA projects are welcome too. I'm going to use maybe spring and spring-security or richfaces validation for sure in the future.

      Thank you very much for further elucidation.