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    selectOneRadioButton in rich:dataTable column


      Hello every one,


      I am tring to do an example like in rich:dataTable, i need to place a raiobutton in one of the column for each row,

      and evrytime only one raio button should be selectd in the table, (it should work like selectOneRaio)

      so if the second row radio button is selected,then if i select 1st row raio button the second row raiobutton should be disabled


      for this does richfaces supports any built in tags? (i have gon through google i did not find any tag)

      i think we need to build some custom tags to support that, can any one know how to built the custom tag to support this

      because i did not write custom tags before in richfaces with jsf1.2.


      i have attached the image how would i need.


      Thanks in Advance!