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    Issues occurring, when I import a IBM BPM process definition into jbpm

    Yuhua Deng Newbie

      Hey all


      I am trying to export a BPM process from IBM BPM V8.5.1 and import it into JBPM 6.0. 1. I followed the following steps.

      1) log into IBM BPM process center and export the identified process by selecting BPMN2.0 format.

      2) unzip the output of exporting

      3) log into jbpm-console , open a process and click 'Import from BPMN2' item. choose one process file in the unzipped folder and click import button. but I get following error


      Unable to import provided BPMN2


      So, my question are

      - What's difference between jbpm6.0.1 and IBM BPM 8.5.1

         Both of them are saying BPMN2.0 is supported.. but why


      - In jbpm, from where I can got more error logs/details about this import.


      Thanks in advance.