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    jBPM assessment

    Laurent TRASSY Newbie

      Hi all,

      My development team is presently assessing jBPM V6.0.0 in order to see if this framework could match with our customer expectations.

      My main concern is to understand if jBPM solution is offering the necessary flexibility (by framework configuration only) to prevent us to perform specific SW development activities.

      Our customer first needs can be summarized as follow:

      1 - Adapt easily jBPM Web forms content to user language (e.g., English as native but why not Chinese or others)

      2 - Adapt jBPM Web forms content to user profile (e.g., some form buttons/tool tips can be displayed, or not, regarding user rights)

      3 - Include into jBPM Web forms rich components (e.g., data table, tree view...)

      4 - Gather business rules (i.e. define group of rules in DROOLS) and allocate rules groups to user profile and/or to a specific workflow task.

      Expecting from you any remarks about those questions.