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    Virtual hosts separated by port (not by host name)

    Petr H Newbie

      I'm trying to get to work the following scenario:


      - httpd with mod_cluster

      - JBoss in domain mode at the same host

      - 2 app servers (still at that single host)

      - "almost" the same applications deployed at both of them, e.g. multiple conflicting context roots at single host


      As there are multiple web modules with conflicting context roots (and they can't be changed) with completely everything at single host, I'd like to separate them via port-based virtual hosts.

      E.g. httpd will listen at 2 ports, each one will serve requests from one set of applications.

      I can achieve this easily at WebSphere for example, however virtual hosts in JBoss seem to be limited to handling just multiple host names case.


      Yes, I can do that manually, e.g. set all rules in httpd by myself, but as there are lots of such web modules and they change (new added, context-roots modified etc) it would be better to get it working automatically via mod_cluster.


      Do you have any ideas how to achieve that?