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    Using a custom remote task service

    Vincent MATHON Newbie



      I want to achieve a deployment similar to those described p209 in JBPM5 developer guide but with JBPM6.

      Typically, I have an existing task service used in my enterprise. This task service is not dedicated to BPM and does not follow WS_HumanTask specification although main features are also supported (main task status, data association with tasks ...). When a task is created by JBPM it should use the service and when a task status changes, I need to inform jBPM. In JBPM 5.4, HornetQHTWorkItemHandler allowed to achieve my need but in jBPM6 the prefered way consists in using the Kie-workbench which is not my prefered option in my use case (I also prefer to embed JBPM in my application).


      Is implementing a subclass of AbstractHTWorkItemHandler the right way to achieve my goal ? Should I also use a custom UserGroupCallback which should be able to talk with a remote service ?