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    tradeoff of upgrading to 3.2.3!!

    Omar Belakhdar Newbie

      Hi everyone,
      We are using JBoss for a large application deployment and all things were working correctly until we think to move to jboss 3.2.3!

      We were using using a special pattern for generating keys that uses sequence blocks. As we were expecting to gain some performance and move to auto-increment keys we decide to do the upgrade.
      Now our CMR fieds through foreign keys are accepted to be null (we knew that jboss were using before a default value to hide this side effect).
      Well, we tried to use the <insert-after-ejb-post-create> and setting CMR field at ejbPostCreate method but still it doesn't work we think it is due to the fact that the key is auto-generated and jboss would like to get it just at the moment of exiting "ejbCreate" ... and before executing "ejbPostCreate".

      If we consider that our assumptions are the right ones this means that we will never use auto-increment feature and foreign keys. BUT THIS IS THE CASE OF MOST POPULAR DB APPLICATIONS!!

      Any idea or suggestion to solve this problem or do the jboss team is planning to solve this problem?