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    Disabling audit listener / JPAWorkingMemory in jbpm-console 6

    xmrk Newbie

      Hello jBPM 6 team.


      First, thank you for all your efforts around jBPM 6. I had a big wish-list coming out of my experience with 5.4 and ya'll seem to be well on your to meeting all my high expectations.  Please accept my appreciation.


      I'm investigating capabilities to run jbpm-console in a "lean, mean" fashion where I'm sacrificing auditing/recoverability for performance.  I'm looking for some direction on how the ksession is defined and if I can easily configure it to not use a JPAWorkingMemoryDBLogger and not insert the audit-to-database ProcessEventListener.  I was expecting to find a session.template, or something similar.


      Please provide some insight into how I can do this.