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    KieSession.fireAllRules() ?

    Zach Moshe Newbie


      I'm probably missing something - I'm working with jBPM (eclipse plugin if it matters) and I've created a test workflow, consists of StartNode, leads to a RulesTask and then an EndNode.

      I got a KieSession object from the TuntimeManager, invoked ksession.startProcess and through the process listener I can see I got to the RulesTask but then nothing happens until I call ksession.fireAllRules(). Why is that?

      I don't really understand the architecture here...


      I've created a process, a part of it is a box that suppose to run some rules, when I invoke the process, I obviously expect everything to be run. I don't see any difference between rules and a script task for example.

      Another thing - if I have several rules tasks one after the other, do I need to call fireAllRules() many times? (will every time only "release" us once and get to the next task?)


      BTW - Any reference to good documentation on how to run BPMN and DRL files from Java code will be much appreciated. I tried to find something decent online and couldn't..