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    Wildfly 8.0 on domain mode linux Redhat 8.0. Propagete method on deployment.

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      Hi and thank you in advance:


      We are new on Jboss and we are trying to configure it on domain mode. we have two servers one with domain controller (master) and other with (slave). they are two jboss wildfly instances on two different linux boxes. We have deployed serveral applications and serveral database connector and all they are ok, we have a question after check all our configuration's files (domain.xml y host.xml) . Which is the method used by wildfly domain controller for propagating all deployments to slave hosts ?¿?¿?¿?¿  We have cheked all slave instance's wildfly but we haven't found any deployment's definitons existing on domain controller configuration files, including database connector.

      How do domain controller say to slave hosts all database pool  they can use it?¿?¿?¿



      Can you help us ????


      Thank you in advance again.