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    SCA Invocation

    Jorge Morales Master


      I have 2 questions regarding SCA Invocation, which I wasn't fully able to solve myself looking at the code. I have an idea, but would like confirmation.


      1. If a reference is declared as clustered, will the invocation always be through ClusteredInvoker? I know that the answer is yes, and I would like to know if there is a reason behind this or just first approach to solve remote (SCA) clustered invocation. From my point of view, if the service is co-located, the invocation should be local, meaning that the SCAInvoker should do more checks in the handleMessage before calling invokeLocal or invokeRemote. I would be more than happy to raise a Jira/BZ for this one, as it is a big performance penalty when you have services with a lot of services composition, and calls are with SCA transport/binding, as we do.
      2. Is there a way to make the endpoint of the SCA reference dynamic? We have several services (and introducing more) and would like to have a dynamicDispatch, so that in a Camel Route we select the "SCA reference endpoint" and invoke the reference. The SCAInvoker will then need to get the endpoint from a property before looking in the registry.