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    Raghavan TV Newbie

      Am exploring the JBPM6 capabilities and at present using JBOSS BPMS installation



      JBOSS EAP - 6.2

      JBOSS BPMS - 6.0


      Installation was smooth. Modeled a sample "helloworld" bpmn2 and the sample process works by invoking via the process management option.

      As part of integration, we are trying to invoke the process via REST API



      1) Is there any JBPM6 REST API documentation ?


      2) Tried to access the REST endpoint via "http://localhost:8080/business-central/rest/deployment"

      We receive an error that states "Could not find MessageBodyWriter for response object of type: java.util.ArrayList of media type: application/xml"


      Any pointers on how

      3) we can invoke a process instance via REST API

      4) Signal a task via REST API