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    Connect to an Oracle AQ

    Christian Dugdale Newbie

      Hello, I currently have a Web Service and resource adapter that is deployed in Oracle Application Server 10g. This service accepts a soap payload and drops the payload onto an Oracle AQ which is located on an Oracle 9i Database.


      I want to repeat the same process but deploy my web service on a JBOSS EAP and still drop messages onto an Oracle AQ. So far I have been unsuccessful. I don't understand how I connect the queue resource to the database queue. I have attached my standalone.xml, which is basically standalone-full.xml and the code that executes in the web service.


      The error I'm getting is

      JBAS015594: Method invocation failed with exception: Destination must be specified on send with an anonymous producer.



      I presume it's because it has an empty queue.


      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thank you.