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    NOOB Questions on JBPM 6

    Joey Teo Newbie

      Seeking some verification from the community. I've a very noob question which I hope helps me on some of my personal confusion.

      These are mostly related to jbpm6.


      1. Is the process designer BPMN2 compliant?

      2.       If we trigger a process externally how can we view the process instance model? (only works when launched from within workbench)

      3.       How to set a timer with an absolute date/time when instance is initiated?

      4.       How are events monitored and audited  (instance)? 

      5.       When will JBoss BPM Suite v6.0 developer/user guide be available?

      6.   Advance technical support, how and where do we get it in Malaysia / Singapore region?