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    performance of embedded hornetq

    Alper Akture Newbie

      I'm using the hornetq-core-client api 2.4.0.Final, adding message with this code:


                      ClientMessage clientMessage = _producerClientSession.createMessage(true);

                      clientMessage.putStringProperty(MESSAGE_KEY, message);



      I'm reusing ClientSession and ClientProducer as mentioned in the docs. During profiling, we see this taking an average of 400+ ms. Does this seem right? It seems slow. We also have installed AIO on running on ubuntu.

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          Andy Taylor Master

          network and your hard disc speed will be the main factors that decide what performance you will get, since your message is durable it will be synced to disc, a typical disc will give you a few hundred syncs per second so this seems about right. If you want better perf either get a faster disc or relax your constraints, i.e. use non persistent or send in batches etc.