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    Not getting users,role,group when checkDatabaseAlgorithm as empty in organization-configuration

    Anish Antony Newbie

      Hi all

      I created a new portal (named it myownportal.ear)  ear and deployed it on gatein/extension directory  then i placed the organization-configuration.xml on myownportal.ear. Then i set checkDatabaseAlgorithm property value as empty.




                <description>check database</description>



      Then after i clear the data, log, temp folders under standalone folder and i started the server but here the users,roles,groups under organization-configuration.xml (under myownportal.ear) file not reflected into gatein database (When i request my created portal i cant findout the users) but displays the users of organization-configuration.xml of gatein.ear(GateIn-3.6.0.Final-jbossas7\gatein\gatein.ear\portal.war\WEB-INF\conf\organization folder).


      But after i changed the value of checkDatabaseAlgorithm to entry then it is possible to findout the users under organization-configuration.xml under myownportal.ear when i request the portal


      The after i inspected the SetupOrganizationDatabaseInitializer file here in createUsers(OrganizationService service) method the config_ variable lists the  users of organization-configuration.xml file under gatein.ear in both cases (in gatein portal created case and in myownportal created case)


      I am using GateIn 3.6 with jboss as7 as server