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    Problem creating JBPM timer  as sub process

    chandrasachin16 Newbie

      Hi ,


      I am trying to create a process in which I am using a timer which will fire every one seconds and continue for 5 seconds. I found one example and tried the same. I added the MetaData properties in TimerEvent like CancelActivity,TimeDuration but when I add the AttachedTo property to equal to _2(Id of sub process) it gives me an error which I don't know what exactly it is and does not allow me to save the process. I found that removing the AttacheTo property from MetaData allows me to save but the CancelActivity,TimeDuration also gets removed automatically.If I deploy this same process my timer fires every one  second but then it continues to fire and does not stop since CancelActivity,TimeDuration have been removed so there is no chance to stop the timer.I have attached the scrren shot of the error. Also there is no explanation of these meta data anywhere.