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    How to defining a process with diverge gateway node using api of jbpm5.4

    dapeng king Newbie

      Hi everyone :

           I want to build a process definition using api of jbpm5.4 . And I already read about the "6.1.3. Defining Processes Using the Process API" in the jBPM User Guide . Now I have finished a demo from the User Guide , and it can work well . But the process definition in the demo (like the code below ) only have one node and I want to add a node like "diverge gateway" , so that it could have many branches .

           Now I have read all document I could found , but it seemed that there is nothing tell about this issue . I don't konw what to do . Have anybody done this work before ? and tell something about this ? Any help will be thankfull~


      best regards.


          // Header
          // Nodes
              .action("java", "System.out.println(\"Hello World\");").done()
          // Connections
          .connection(1, 2)
          .connection(2, 3);