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    how to switch off referencial integrity within CMRs?

    wtff Newbie


      I created two CMP beans which have a relationship between them realized via a relation table. The database tables have existed before and the beans only need to be read only.

      My problem is:
      The relation table sometimes contains PK-references that do not exist in the entity tables, so there is no strict referencial integrety.
      When JBoss tries to fetch the beans needed within a CMR relation, it throws an Exception whenever it finds a PK reference inside the relation table which it cannot find in the respective entity table.

      For my context, I need to be able to configure JBoss to silently ignore these dead PK-links. Within SQL this can be done with right/left joins.

      Can anyone give me some advise here?
      Is it possible to configure JBoss to not assume referencial integrity within foreign key mappings?