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    domain.bat on Windows XP (test computer)

    Greg Yantz Newbie

      I can start a standalone WildFly instance on my Windows XP computer with standalone.bat, but when I try to run domain.bat, none of the servers are started.  In the command prompt, it stops at "WildFly 8.0.0.Final 'WildFly' starting" and doesn't proceed further.  The host-controller and process-controller log files contain 3 and 2 lines respectively (only containing the content that is shown in the command prompt when I run domain.bat).  No error messages are shown in the command prompt or in the log files.


      The JAVA_HOME variable is set in domain.conf.bat and is the same value as in standalone.conf.bat.


      Is there something I am missing?  I was trying to follow along with Arun Gupta's video (HTTP Session Failover in WildFly 8 · WildFly) to try out both domain management and session failover.  The video makes it look nice and easy.