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    Jboss ESB SOAP Proxy WSDL Cluster issue

    tony9966 Newbie

      We configured our production soa server with two node cluster. All our ESB services are SOAP Proxy services and when we pull up a WSDL it points the schema location to a tmp classpath location like below -

      <xsd:import schemaLocation="https://DNSNAME/FAM-Authz-UserInfo/http/FAM/UserInformation?wsdl&resource=classpath-5829675851800298374.tmp&protocol=http" namespace="http://www.somename/mot/fam/authz/dataStructureUserInfo"/>

      When in cluster and an application calls the service it works sometimes but fails sometimes. We noticed that when a request reached node1 with node2 tmp location it is failing. Is there a way to have same tmp files in a cluster or a way to configure ESB to not give tmp files for schema location? This is currently affecting production. Please respond ASAP. Currently we give the wsdl in soap proxy as - <property name="wsdl" value="classpath:///META-INF/wsdl/RegionalAgencyService/AgencyService.wsdl" />


      Are there any special settings that need to changed for cluster cache?


      REDHAT suggested us some solutions but none worked.


      Any help on this is really appreciated.