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    rich:autocomplete suggestions not working

    Amit Tikoo Newbie

      I am using a <rich:autocomplete> component but the suggestion box just doesn't show up. Here is a simple case I'm trying:


      <h:form id="amit" prependId="false">
        <rich:autocomplete mode="ajax" minChars="1" autofill="true" var="station" autocompleteMethod="# {segmentationBean.autocomplete1}" >
          <rich:column styleClass="sexy">



      public List<String> autocomplete1(String request){
       List<String> suggestions = new ArrayList<String>();
       suggestions.add("test 1");
       suggestions.add("test 2"); 
       suggestions.add("test 3"); suggestions.add("test 4"); return suggestions;


      This shows up in logging (using <a4j:log/>)

      error[14:47:03.644]: Received 'error@malformedXML' event from <span id=j_idt5 class="rf-au" ...>
      error[14:47:03.644]: [status=200] During update: javax.faces.ViewState not found

      Also i can see the suggestion if i switch the mode to "Client"