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    Any experience with human task form services?

    Tali Vakarian Newbie

      Hello - I was wondering if anyone has messed with form services before in the KIE dashboard? (and if not in the dashboard, what method did you use?)


      I'm not sure if they are called form services in jBPM, but in our own home-grown system, form services were what we use to get information from the database using sql queries within our form. We could specify sql modules and have the queries run and populate different fields in our form with those values. Is there something similar in jBPM? If so, how would you do something like this?  (Sorry, I am quite new to this, and am evaluating jBPM as a potential tool). For example, the user types in their username in one field, we detect that the value has changed, and then we use that value to query for he user's department, phone # etc, from the database and put them in their respective fields.


      Any examples, documentation, or even general descriptions of the process about this would be greatly appreciated!