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    How can i register the  DebugRuleRuntimeEventListener from UI

    Wells G Novice

      Hi ,


            Now i just draft the process from business-central UI , a simple process with one business rule node , firstly , it looks the rule are not be invoked , it works well on jbpm5.x .

            BTW , how can i register the eventlistener like DebugRuleRuntimeEventListener  from the ui , then i can monitor the event .


      import org.drools.runtime.process.WorkflowProcessInstance;

      rule "A Process Start - Valid Name"


              $processInstance : WorkflowProcessInstance(processId == "com.domain.aprocess")

              String(this not matches 'expression') from (String) $processInstance.getVariable("name")


              throw new Exception("Invalid name. Please refer to the hint.");




      Thanks !