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    Conditional Selection Among EJB Remote Hosts

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      Using J-boss's EJB client to route from one J-boss server to another works for me with J-boss 7.2/EAP 6.1 by utilizing the "jboss-ejb-client.xml" file. But I'm interested in sending some heavier requests to a different host than the first, default server in that file. Is there any way to conditionally select among the EJB remote hosts?


      Rearranging the EJB remoting configuration is an option if it can be done with J-boss 7.2/EAP 6.1.

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          If the EJB for the heavier request is unique deployed on that server you can simple add it to the ejb-client, the client decided based on the EJB name where to go.

          If you have the same EJB name a solution might be to use the 'distinct' name to make it unique, i.e. if you set the distinct name for the server in ejb3 subsystem to heavy you can call the EJB  myapp/ejb//MyBean!My with myapp/ejb/heavy/MyBean!My and the request will go to the marked server.