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    How to design for virtual CMP data links?

    davout Newbie

      I'm building an EJB based software app that is using CMP.

      I'm trying to make the design virtual so that the product can compliment existing data systems. For instance, the design includes a 'Customer' entity. As it stands now I have a 'CustomerManager' stateless session bean that acts as a facade to a set of customer related entity beans - all of which use CMP. These CMP entity beans point at structures in my own application specific schema.

      However, given that practically all sites are likely to already have a customer database I'm wondering what the best design pattern is to help abstract this. In reality this means allowing the customer CMP entity beans to be reconfigured to point at a completely different data source.

      Am I right in thinking that a CMP based JAR can only support s a single JDBC connection? If so, should I break the customer related entities into a seperate JAR?

      (I'm using JBoss3.x and MySQL)