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    mod_jk and Transfer-Encoding: chunked

    Frank Cornelis Apprentice



      In my setup I need to use AJP between the Apache and the JBoss Tomcat since I need the SSL metadata communicated towards the JBoss. For the moment I'm using RedHat/CentOS 6.5, and thus Apache HTTPD 2.2 and mod_proxy_ajp. However, when Apache kills a child process, sometimes the JBoss Tomcat thread is left hanging in the keep alive state. This causes the number of JBoss threads to go up and eventually saturates JBoss. This seems to happen more often under higher traffic. I've read on a few forums that mod_jk does not have this problem. However, when I switch to mod_jk I'm running into trouble when a client uses Transfer-Encoding: chunked. One such client is the Apache CXF web service stack. The packets are simply not delivered to the JBoss when using chunked transfer encoding, resulting in a nasty exception:

      org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.SoapFault: Error reading XMLStreamReader.

      Anyone experiencing the same issue with mod_jk? Any work-arounds?


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