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    CMP Problem : Please Help

    mandarjboss Newbie

      I am using JBoss for an enterprise application development.I am accesing the EJB called "QuestionBean" from a Servlet. I have mapped QuestionBean to PostgreSQL .My application gets deployed Successfuly.But when i execute the application it searches for a table called "questionbean" in Postgre's database.As I have turned off the auto-creation of the table by JBoss it gives me an exception "Relation 'questionbean' does not exist". However,I don't want jboss to create a table when i execute the application but rather whatever data i enter through EJB should go into a table "question"which is already present in the database.

      My jbosscmp-jdbc.xml contains following:
      ......... so on..

      After few experimentation i found that Jboss is expecting the table name to be exactly identical to the value of "<ejb-name>" tag.
      I really don't know why this is happening so?
      Is it a JBoss bug or a Requirement?

      Do i need to make any changes in this file or in any other file?
      Do i need to make any config settings in web.xml or jboss-web.xml for datasource?