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    RichFaces 4: ajaxRendered does not work if f:ajax is used

    Daniel Lechner Novice

      The component a4j:outputPanel offers the attribute ajaxRendered which should update the contents of the panel at every ajax request (see Chapter 2 of the Component Reference). But on a small testpage this can easily be disproved:


      <a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true" >
        <h:outputText value="Number 1 is #{dummyBean.number1}" />
        <rich:inputNumberSpinner value="#{dummyBean.number1}">
          <f:ajax />
        <rich:inputNumberSpinner value="#{dummyBean.number1}">
          <a4j:ajax />


      When using the first spinner, the new value gets submitted into the model, but the outputPanel is not rerendered. If I use the second one (with tha a4j:ajax inside), everything works as expected.

      This effect is the same for a4j:commandButton vs. h:commandButton + f:ajax and other constellations.

      I would expect (especially when reading the reference) that the panel is rerendered even in the f:ajax case.


      In contrast to this, the status-indicator works for all ajax requests, nevertheless if it is raised by an RichFaces component or f:ajax.


      I am using RichFaces 4.3.5.Final.