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    Problem With dinamic port

    Ivan Pedraja Newbie



      I have got a problem with the dynamic ports on JBOSS. I have a system that works through a firewall and for this reason i need to fix all JBOSS ports.


      When i execute a Netstat command i can see a lot of ports: Most of then are fix port like:













           -55000 At start this is a dynamic port but i can fix this port when i change  in the XML remoting-bisocket-service the next thing:

                      (<!-- Use these parameters to specify values for binding and connecting control connections to

                          work with your firewall/NAT configuration

                     <attribute name="secondaryBindPort">xyz</attribute>                          

                     <attribute name="secondaryConnectPort">abc</attribute>              


      My problem is that i have a other group of ports that change everytime that i restart the JBOSS. Some examples of this ports are:


           - 52049, 52050 and 52053 are in time-wait state and 52052 in listening state.

           - 52549,52550,52553 the timewait ports and  the port 52552 in listening.

           - I have one old registry but i dont have all ports of this registry but they are around 49950.


      Someone have any idea what are this group of ports and how to fix them?

      I have the JBOSS 5.1.0 GA