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    How to View Process Instance Model (Image) - External Initiation

    David Norton Newbie

      Migrating to jBPM 6.0.x (with integrated console etc


      When initiating a process instance from an external application (ours) we gen a Process_instance_id which is subsequently used by the process event handling (when we raise an event signal.  All good so far.


      The problem is when we try to view the Process Instance Model (Image) - which is a key user requirement - it fails?


      We have noticed that if the process is initiated from within the console - the process instance model can be viewed (BUT there is no available process_Instance_Id required for event handling).


      We need both events and the model viewer to work in all processes (AND triggered externally from our application)


      Is this an acknowledged problem and if so how/when will it be fixed?