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    JBoss-3.2.3 with TopLink-10.0.3

    swedish-johan Newbie


      I've read in these forums about people that seem to be running TopLink integrated with JBoss. Well I can't seem to get it to work.

      I'm trying to make a CMP Entitybean that uses TopLink. I've produced my mapping project and got the .xml-descriptors and packed my bean.

      What more do I have to do to make JBoss understand what to do with it?

      The TopLink jars are in JBoss classpath! The way I see it there has to be something that tells JBoss what to do with the extra xml-descriptors TopLink MW has generated. Possibly a new "persistance manager" or what???

      Will using TopLink with CMP make TopLink invissible from the client? I mean will TopLink be working inside the CMP Entitybean so that the client using the CMP Entitybean only has to do standard lookup/create etc...