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    CMP2 Vs Hybernate

    osoe Newbie

      We are planning to use JBoss for our J2EE development. And we are at a point to decide how to design our persistent layer.

      Compare to CMP1.1, CMP2 has come long way with the new features like CMR and optimized loading, etc... We would prefer to use CMP so we could use the method level security and would be much faster compared to BMP. Of course, all the read will happen from the session bean to database using the DAO classes.

      At the same time, we would like to understand what is the future direction of Hybernate. Will the underlying JBOSS CMP implementation be replaced by hybernate (and by providing additional tags in xml file configuration ) OR there are two sepearte options (CMP way or Hybernate way) to design the persistent layer.

      Is it a good decision to go with CMP2?


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          Richard Yang Apprentice

          This is our question too. Should we go ahead with Jboss CMP or with Hibernate or just wait to see what happens next (after JBoss uses Hibernate as its CMP engine). When Hibernate will replace Jboss cmp, in 4.0 release?