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    post-table-create does not work like it's supposed to

    csp Newbie

      The element post-table-create in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml does not seem to work like documented. According to the dtd:

      Execute arbitrary SQL code directly after the database table is created.
      This command is only executed if create-table is true and the table
      did not previously exist.

      That means, if I restart my server or redeploy my CMP bean and the table already existed from last time, this sql statement shouldn't be executed. But jboss executes it anyway, regardless of whether the table existed or not.

      Note: I have my remove-table set to false, and I know for sure that the table does not get deleted if I shutdown jboss.

      So, is this a bug or is this supposed to behave like that?

      My sys config:
      Jboss: 4.0DR3 snapshot from 2004/03/04
      OS: Debian Linux 2.4.22
      JDK: Sun 1.4.2