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    Crime portal example. Commit option A and MySql

    sajeesh pj Newbie

      We tried to run the crime portal application (shipped along with Jbosscmp documentation) with mysql as data base. As mentioned in chapter 6, we tried to give commit option A in jboss.xml and found out that our bean is insensitive to changes in database (we tried to update some fields from mysql front, but found out that these changes are NOT reflected in CMP). But we found one intereting thing. Eventhough, entity bean does not reflect DB changes, when we inspect the mysql log, we found out that for each invokation of EJB a query is being iexecuted in mysql, but we do not get the updated data (which is expected since we used comiit option A).

      But we would like to know why a query is being executed in mysql everytime the bean is accessed?