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    Selecting JBoss products for design and development of IP Architecture SOA (wsdl, bpms, esb ...)

    Roman Murzakov Newbie

      Hello! We decided to create a web- service portal , which will be based on standards SOA. Web- services are different: an online store with a payment card accounts , credit institution , pawn shop , travel agency , insurance company , restaurant, etc. The portal will have their accounts for users ( buyers of goods / services) , and separate rooms for the personnel specified organizations (managers, operators ) to perform work operations , content updates , receiving reports , interaction with the accounting system of the organization and external systems ( client-bank ) .

      We plan to implement all decisions with OpenSource Portal Access through standard browsers in the Internet environment .

      Prompt please, what product solutions we can and should be used for the implementation of such a portal . From our side we are aware that our programmers will need to create atomic services for JAX-WS, then from them to design business processes , describing their means WSDL and BPEL, then publish them through UDDI.

      But where to start , and most importantly what JBoss IDE and tools we need for this is still not fully understood.

      We should be grateful for all the practical help. Links to available manuals and development environments are very welcome.



      Regards and thank in advance !


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