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      I am developing an arquillian extension. Concretly I am developing the arquillian-extension-moco (https://github.com/arquillian/arquillian-extension-moco). This extension in summary contains a LoadableExtension which registers an ApplicationArchiveProcessor and ArchiveAppender in client side. Inside ArchiveAppender I am adding a RemoteLoadableExtension for container side.


      There is one test which tries to test the extension. The problem is that if I run in remote Wildfly or TomEE it works (an exception is thrown in Moco framework but is "normal"), but if I run in embed mode then RemoteLoadableExtension is not executed so extension doesn't work properly. There is no exception so it is not possible (or at least I can't) to know what is happening. For sure the problem is on the extension, but I don't know why it works in remote and not in embed.


      As note in pom.xml there is one profile for each mode. I will try to test with embed wildfly but maybe one of you can find anything that I am doing wrong.


      Thank you so much.


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          Alex Soto Newbie

          I have tried with Wildfly embedded and it works so could it be a problem with TomEE embed container? Any idea?

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            Alex Soto Newbie

            Romain Mani-Bucau has noted me that I will need to add <defaultProtocol type="Servlet 3.0" /> to make the embed mode working in arquillian.xml. Thank you so much


            Anyway is there any way to automatically add it and don't force users to add it manually?

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              Karel Piwko Master

              Glad that you finally resolved that! I've tried to view events via -Darquillian.debug, but I wasn't able to figure out something significant.


              Every container has a default protocol. WildFly was recently switched to have Servlet 3.0 as default. Embedded TomEE has Local as default:




              Maybe that's something what could be changed, if you file a JIRA for TomEE ;-)



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                Alex Soto Newbie

                Cool!! only one question that maybe you have found developing arquillian-spacelift. Moco under the covers it uses a Netty server which opens threads and socket connections. The problem is that it opens correctly, but when I stopped, next trace error is thrown: The web application [/a0831135-4abd-4cb7-87b5-32d087d03f0f] appears to have started a thread named [nioEventLoopGroup-3-4] but has failed to stop it. This is very likely to create a memory leak.


                It happens with all containers. The funny thing is that if I debug it then it doesn't happen and of course if I run Moco outside container it works. I have opened an issue to Moco folks to see if they can offer some help but maybe you have found something similar which can clarify if I am doing something wrong.


                Thank you so much.

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                  Alex Soto Newbie

                  For example it also works if I add a thread.sleep


                  public void executeAfterClass(@Observes(precedence = 25) AfterClass afterClass) {

                  if(jsonRunner != null) {

                    try {



                    }catch(Exception e) {






                  so it seems netty takes some time asynchronously to kill the threads. Is there something from Arquillian part that can be done? Apart of sleeping the current thread of course.