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    Problem with quickstart tutorial

    Eric Hendriks Newbie

      I'm getting the following issue when trying to build the latest quickstart tutorial ( with maven:


      [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project errai-tutorial: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.jboss.errai.dem

      o:errai-tutorial:war:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.jboss:staxmapper:jar:1.1.0.Final

      , org.jboss.remoting:jboss-remoting:jar:4.0.0.Final: Could not find artifact org.jboss:staxmapper:jar:1.1.0.Final in nex

      us (http://as48.nl.hr.group:8081/nexus/content/groups/public) -> [Help 1]


      I already tried emptying my complete repository, to no avail. Something with maven settings? Should I configure additional repositories?