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    Consistent Hashing in ISPN

    Vijay Bhaskar Chintalapati Newbie

      Doing a deep dive study of how Consistent Hashing is made use of in Infinispan. Being new to the project I am not able to get to some of the answers directly by browsing through the code and I was hoping if I could be provided with some pointers. Below is the main question I have:

      Understand that numOwners translates to that many copies of every key to be maintained in the cluster. CH, in general and outside of ISPN, is supposed to point to a single node of cluster for storing that key. So how do we determine the next node to store the key (numOwners > 1) ? Do we keep going clockwise to determine the next node ? (please point me to the source code if possible)


      Also, if there is a write-up anywhere as to how ISPN internally does CH including information on segments etc., could you please point me to it?