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    Slave fail to registered to DC when DC restart

    Andre Gelinas Newbie



      Normally, you start the DC then the slaves. Everything is fine then, slaves are registering to the DC and they appear in the management console. If the communication is lost between them, for any reason, the slaves will try to reestablish the connection and will do it when DC is available again.


      That work well as long as the DC was not restarted.


      If for a reason or another, only DC is restarted the slaves will reestablish the connection but won't do the registration again...hence there is no server showing in the console (no monitoring, no deployment, ....)


      Question then, is there a way to force the slave to registered to the DC ?


      That's it's most important in a production environment. I can't just restart all slaves of a domain just because the DC was restarted. And for a note, I'm not using -cache-DC.


      I'm using JBoss EAP 6.2