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    UCASE and accented characters

    Tibor Pasztorka Newbie

      Hi all,

      Has any of you tried the UCASE function with accented characters?

      Recently I had to use the 'UCASE' function in my jboss queries and I was surprised to find
      that the

      UCASE('é') = 'É'

      expression used in the WHERE condition resulted FALSE, whereas

      UCASE('e') = 'E'

      resulted TRUE.

      Why UCASE doesn't work with accented characters? The toUpperCase() method of the java.lang.String object has no problems to perform such a simple conversion.
      I use jBoss 3.2.3.

      All advice is appreciated except that I should introduce another field to my database
      table that store the upper-case-converted version of the same string :-).

      Thanks in advance.