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    Database Requirements For RHQ 4.10

    Michael Rother Newbie

      I am a little confused as to the backend for RHQ. The release note mentions switching to Cassandra and no longer using a RDB. However, the install docs and the rhq-server.properties still discusses / reference RDB. What is actually needed / used in 4.10?



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          Heiko Rupp Master



          The RDBMS requirement has not (yet) changed in RHQ. What has changed and this is where the confusion comes from is that the collected metrics (mass) data is now stored in the so called Storage Nodes, which are in fact implemented with the help of Cassandra.

          There is the long(er) term vision to put more stuff into the Storage Nodes and thus removing the need of an external RDBMS, probably storing the remaining data in a Java-RDBMS like H2 or similar.


          So for now, you need the RDBMS, but it will be a lot less loaded than in earlier versions due to the Storage Nodes.